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  • AustriAlpin - Hydra.Evo - via ferrata set

AustriAlpin - Hydra.Evo - via ferrata set

AustriAlpin - Hydra.Evo - via ferrata set

The AustriAlpin Hydra.Evo via ferrata set with three arms is a combination of the via ferrata set COLT.EVO and the FERRATA.BLOC. All 3 arms are connected to the woven strap fall absorber. In easy passages, the FERRATA.BLOC can be easily stowed away on the pocket of the webbing fall arrester. So it is always ready to hand for the vertical passages. Upwards, the suspended FERRATA.BLOC runs loosely on the wire rope, in case of a fall on the tensioned vertical rope, it blocks in place and thus prevents long falls.

The instruction manual informs which type of via ferrata is suitable for use with the FERRATA.BLOC. The user's weight may range from 40 kg (without equipment) to 120 kg (with equipment).

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