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Rules of conduct in the community

Following the credo "keep calm and respect other climbers" every member can contribute to the community and post his own content. The following applies: All contributions (blogs, comments or status entries) that violate the following rules of conduct will be deleted immediately and the member will be warned.

Treat other members friendly and with respect

Every member has the right to be treated with respect. Insulting, mocking or personally attacking posts to or about other members are unwelcome. If you have a problem with another member, we request that you contact the person personally. If in doubt, contact the team.

Trademarks and sources

When posting content that contains trademarks or content from other sites or persons, the source and a reference must be included!

Do not create fake profiles

The goal of is information exchange and conversations between climbers, mountaineers and outdoor freaks. If an account is registered with the aim of pure troublemaking ("fake profile"), this account will be deleted immediately and without warning. In addition, we will issue a virtual house ban in such cases and reserve the right to take legal action. Second profiles of existing users will also be deleted.


Our community is created for private individuals. Out of consideration for our members, we therefore reserve the right to remove content with persistent advertising or purely commercial background. We ask you to consider this in your postings accordingly. If you have any questions, just contact us!

Photos & Videos

It is not allowed to upload racist, xenophobic, offensive or pornographic pictures on the website.

Private messages

We ask you not to use this function for spam or advertising messages.

In case of disregard of one or more points of the rules of conduct reserves the right to delete the respective content or member account.