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Packing list for via ferrata tours

Photo by Colin Moldenhauer

packing list

In order to give beginners to via ferrata a first packing orientation guide, we have created a packing list especially for via ferrata, which is based on the touring equipment of a usual mountaineer and also contains special equipment for via ferrata tours.

Via ferrata equipment

  • Via ferrata set - according to UIAA standard, with brake system and two via ferrata carabiners

  • climbing harness - as a general guideline, a normal harness is used, such as the one used for sport climbing. Here you should pay particular attention to adequate padding and wide (comfortable) contact surfaces. Material loops are less important, two are enough

  • climbing helmet - according to UIAA standard

  • climbing gloves - mostly with leather cover (protect against injuries on the steel cable)

  • Sewn slings + HMS carabiner - for self-securing (optional for long, demanding tours, so that you don't have to hang on the via ferrata set during breaks)